VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.2.2: Feature Enhancements and Operational Improvements

Object Storage Extension 2.2.2 is Generally Available to the market as of 17th July, 2023. In June, version 2.2.1 was released with improvements to Kubernetes Persistent Volumes backup and restore and new developments to Object Storage Interoperability Service (OSIS). In addition, tenants were offered the full autonomy to control the provider administrator’s access to the tenant object storage portal.

This latest release covers a wide range of features that improve automation, encryption backup & restore, and introduces ample improvements.

Reduced Operational Cost with automated tenant onboarding

Cloud Providers can save onboarding time and cost with the help of the automated tenant onboarding capability. This feature allows Cloud Providers to manage, configure and automate tenant onboarding based on region. Tenant organizations can select the ‘Manual’ or ‘Auto’ option to complete the activation of object storage upon the first-time access to the Object Storage portal.

More robust protection with Bucket SSE-C support

Version 2.2.2 has extended the encryption capabilities by enhancing S3 bucket encryption. Cloud Providers can set and change Server-Side Encryption with Client-Managed Keys (SSE-C) to buckets after validation and create replication with or without bucket SSE-C.

Improve existing workflow and operations with open APIs

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extensions support the automation of various object storage workflows. Cloud Providers and tenants can select S3-compatible APIs for buckets, and object operations.

Enhanced data security and recovery with advanced backup and restore options for Kubernetes Cluster

With the latest release, tenants can enjoy extended features for Kubernetes Cluster backup and restore.

Strong authentication with TLS support for Postgres connection

Cloud Providers can now Enable TLS connection to the Postgres server for the backend server of Object Storage VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension.


You can upgrade directly to VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.2.2 from versions 2.X. See Upgrading VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension.

Latest Announcement

VMware Partner Program™ for Object Storage Extension

Partners can integrate any S3-compliant object storage platform with VMware Cloud Director using the Object Storage Interoperability Service (OSIS) extension point.  This Partner Ready program enables partners to validate their OSIS implementations, known as an OSIS adapter, using the VMware-offered certification kit.  Through the validated OSIS adapter published in the VMware Marketplace, Cloud providers can confidently offer their tenants a range of VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension-certified storage options. Learn more -> https://bit.ly/osepartnerprogram