Terraform VCD Provider 3.8.0/3.8.1 comes packed with improvements!

Terraform VCD Provider 3.8.0/3.8.1 is now released, it supports the latest VMware Cloud Director (VCD) 10.4.1 release and comes packed with different community-requested features and improvements!

Please find the key highlights below. While for a full list of features, improvements and bugfixes please see the CHANGELOG of 3.8.0 and 3.8.1 releases:

What’s New?

Improved and Extended VM Operations

  • Overhauled the VM Create operation, which along with making it and guest customization more robust, fixes an issue where VM was power cycled multiple times during the creation
  • Introduced vcd_catalog_vapp_template resource and data source in favor of vcd_catalog_item (we encourage you to use this new resource as it follows a more robust Terraform model of referencing by unique identifiers)
  • Added new attributes vapp_template_id and boot_image_id to resources vcd_vapp_vm and vcd_vm to use unique identifiers for referencing vApp Templates and Media Items too
  • Added VM Placement Policies support: vcd_vm_placement_policy resource, data sources vcd_vm_placement_policy and vcd_vm_group, and corresponding arguments to vcd_org_vdc, vcd_vapp_vm, and vcd_vm resources. v3.8.1 adds the possibility of fetching VM Placement Policies to tenant users

Catalog Sharing, Publishing, and Subscription Support

Please see an extensive guide about this feature: Catalog Subscription and Sharing 

Networking Enhancements

  • Added support for Isolated networks, different DHCP modes (‘EDGE’, ‘NETWORK’, ‘RELAY’), and Lease Time to vcd_nsxt_network_dhcp resource and data source
  • Introduced a new field edge_cluster_id to be able to specify NSX-T Edge Cluster for VDC in resource and data source vcd_org_vdc

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added new resource and data source vcd_org_ldap which allows configuring LDAP settings for an organization
  • Added new attribute metadata_entry to many resources and data sources, which adds support of Metadata Visibility (User Access Levels), all the available Metadata Types, and Domain (including SYSTEM) in favor of now deprecated metadata
  • Added data source vcd_provider_vdc that allows fetching existing Provider VDCs
  • Added data source vcd_task that allows reading a VCD Task
  • Finalized handling of resources deleted outside of Terraform

As this release introduces a lot of improvements, it had to deprecate some items as well. Please see the DEPRECATIONS section in the changelog.

Updated go-vcloud-director Library

As usual with the new Terraform VCD Provider release, we have released a new version of the Go library for VCD. If you’re developing on VCD with Go, v2.18.0 is the client to use now:



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