Red Hat’s Podman AI Lab supports developer adoption of genAI

Red Hat has unveiled Podman AI Lab, an extension to the Podman Desktop graphical interface that lets developers build generative AI-powered applications in containers.

Announced May 7, Podman AI Lab is intended to make it easier to develop with AI in a local environment. The Podman AI Lab extension supports the adoption of generative AI for building intelligent applications or enhancing their workflow using AI-augmented development capabilities, Red Had said. 

Instructions for installing the Podman AI Lab extension can be found at Podman AI Lab’s companion, Podman Desktop, provides an interface for working with containers and Kubernetes in a local environment.

Podman AI Lab features a “recipe catalog” with sample applications to help developers get started with common use cases for LLMs (large language models). These use cases include chatbots simulating human conversation; text summarizers to assist with content creation and curation; code generators so developers can focus on higher-level design; and object detection used to identify objects within digital images or video. Another use case is audio-to-text transcription, which automatically transcribes spoken language into written text.

Developers can use the sample applications to review source code and learn how various LLM applications are built. Also featured in Podman AI Lab is a playground environment where users can interact with models and observe behavior.

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