Announcing VMware Chargeback for Managed Service Providers

VMware is announcing VMware Chargeback™ for Managed Service Providers! VMware Chargeback service enables metering and chargeback capabilities, providing visibility into infrastructure usage through performance and capacity dashboards for the providers and tenants. For Cloud Providers familiar with the vRealize Operations Tenant App™, this is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering; it is now available as early access, with limited availability, with the purchase or trial of the VMware Cloud Director™ service.

Note that the vRealize Operations Tenant App is now renamed to VMware Chargeback. We are also pleased to announce the General Availability of the next version of the on-premises product VMware Chargeback™ v8.10 on-prem.

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Why VMware Chargeback?

VMware Chargeback service is used for metering the infrastructure services offered by a Cloud Provider to their tenants. Further, it provides options to configure different models for pricing the metered infrastructure.

VMware Chargeback service closes the loop by providing tenant-specific views that help tenants obtain an operations view of the infrastructure they are consuming, including metrics, charges, reports and alerts.

The Primary Advantages of VMware Chargeback are:

The primary advantages of VMware Chargeback are:

  • Flexible pricing policies to express the business model of charging
  • Plugin-based self-service access for tenants in the context of VMware Cloud Director service
  • Monetizable features such as reports, alerts, and metrics as a service

What are the Main Advantages of VMware Chargeback Available as a Service?

  1. Service managed by the provider, delivered by VMware.
  2. Reduced time to onboard with the in-app getting started guide; reduced time to value for metering and providing chargeback to customers.
  3. As a service, there will be more frequent releases.
  4. Software maintenance and upgrades will be taken care of by VMware.
  5. Lower costs and simple deployment (Saving datacenter cost and quicker service deployment).
  6. Easy to use and perform proofs-of-concept.
  7. The service is available through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator – a tool that allows partners to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle, including onboarding customers, provisioning, and managing services, providing a consolidated view of their usage, and managing support.


With this release, the VMware Chargeback service will support metering VMware Cloud Director™ service (CDs). Cloud Providers should use VMware Chargeback on-prem for managing VMware Cloud Director (VCD).

How to Get Started in VMware Chargeback Offering?

Cloud Providers start from the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, where access to VMware Chargeback service is available. Within the VMware Chargeback service UI, providers will be guided on getting started by a step-by-step configuration process to configure and collect data. The greatly simplified getting-started experience is one of the key benefits of the SaaS offering.

Capabilities of VMware Chargeback

VMware Chargeback service offerings and VMware Chargeback 8.10 on-prem capabilities will have the same core functionalities; see blog here What’s New in VMware Chargeback v8.10 On-Prem and SaaS for VMware Cloud Director.

What next?

For more details and understanding, see the following documentation and assets:

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