Alabama Grants $2.39 Million to WOW! for Fiber Expansion


The combined $3.41 million will target underserved areas of the state.

Alabama Grants $2.39 Million to WOW! for Fiber Expansion Photo of WOW! CEO Therea Elder

May 29, 2024 – The Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs program granted $2.39 million to cable internet provider WOW! Internet to extend its fiber network in Alabama Wednesday

Combined with WOW!’s $1.02 million contribution, the total investment of over $3.41 million will improve broadband access in underserved areas of southeastern Alabama. 

“We thank ADECA for this generous grant to complement WOW!’s investment in the area as we look to offer more Alabama residents and businesses dependable options to meet their array of broadband needs, particularly in areas that currently have a lack of reliable and high-speed options,” said Teresa Elder, CEO of WOW!.

Underserved residents in Houston and Henry counties can now subscribe to WOW!’s all-fiber network and Internet plans to experience reliable, high-speed connectivity with no annual contracts and no data caps, the company said.

“As we continue to focus on innovating for our customers, this additional expansion in southeastern Alabama, alongside our wider market expansion efforts, highlights our continued progress and commitment to bringing more communities our state-of-the-art broadband services,” added Elder. 

In its first quarter report in early May, WOW! reported that it has made substantial progress in preventing broadband services from defecting to wireline competitors like Comcast and Charter. The company “exceeded” its expectations, said Elder, adding that it added 15,000 new greenfield fiber passings in Michigan, Florida and South Carolina this year, bringing the total to 45,500.