VMware Managed Services Provider Announcements

VMware has been working hard to deliver new services for our cloud provider partners, and with VMware Explore Europe now upon us, let’s take a look at the latest and greatest services that are available or coming shortly to our managed service providers. These new offerings help to drive new capabilities and value for our managed service providers offerings so that they can further monetize and differentiate themselves within the managed services market for cloud smart workloads that their customers are sending to provider clouds.

Supporting Multiple Commit Contracts Across Customer Organizations

As part of the Partner Connect program, Managed Service Providers receive up front discounts on VMware cloud services, based on their consumption commitment. With the latest Cloud Partner Navigator functionality, partners can have multiple commit contracts for the same service. This allows more flexibility in committing to future consumption and avoids complications of customer and partner timelines not aligning. It allows partners to assign a committed contract on a per customer, per service basis which enables them to track customer usage and spending more accurately.

The Managed Service Providers offering for VMware Cloud on AWS will get a greater choice of the hardware platform they can use with support for the new i4i.metal instances. The i4i.metal instance is a 128 vCPU, 1024 GiB memory instance and is available in clusters from 2 to 16 hosts. This new hardware type will be available over the coming months across all the VMware Cloud on AWS regions. More information can be found in this blog and FAQ.

VMware Ransomware Recovery for VMware Cloud DR

New for our Managed Service Providers is a purpose-built solution for ransomware recovery, with a guided ransomware recovery workflow spanning across identification, validation, and restoration of recovery points into VMware Cloud on AWS compute as required. Integrated with Next Generation AV and Behavioral Analysis and validation in an on-demand Isolated Recovery Environment ensures proper recovery and avoids reinfection. More information can be found in this blog.

New VMware Chargeback for Managed Service Providers

Additionally, VMware is announcing VMware Chargeback™ for Managed Service Providers. VMware Chargeback service enables metering and chargeback capabilities, providing visibility into infrastructure usage through performance and capacity dashboards for the providers and tenants. For Cloud Providers familiar with the vRealize Operations Tenant App™, this is the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering; it is now available as early access, with limited availability, with the purchase or trial of the VMware Cloud Director™ service.
Note that the vRealize Operations Tenant App is now renamed to VMware Chargeback. We are pleased to announce the General Availability of the next version of the on-premises product VMware Chargeback™ v8.10. The on-prem and SaaS offering will have the same set of core functionalities.
VMware Chargeback service closes the loop by providing tenant-specific views that help tenants obtain an operations view of the infrastructure that they are consuming, including metrics, charges, reports, and alerts.
Cloud Providers start from the VMware Cloud Partner Navigator where the VMware Chargeback service is available. Within the VMware Chargeback service UI, you will be guided on getting started by a step-by-step configuration process to configure and start collecting data.

For any questions regarding this offering, please contact your VMware sales team or email us at help-vmware-chargeback@vmware.com.

Additional Resources for Cloud Providers

Below is a list of upcoming sessions at VMware Explore Barcelona, as well as available assets which can help provide more detail on partner solutions available for our cloud providers. In addition, stop by the Sovereign Cloud and Tanzu booths at the VMware Pavilion to learn more about the solutions and talk to experts about how VMware can help you plan and build cloud smart services that meet your tenant requirements, whether in public, private, or sovereign clouds.

VMware Explore Barcelona Sessions



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