VMware Explore Europe Cloud Provider 2022 Announcements

The strategy for VMWare Cloud providers has grown significantly over this past year, with sustained focus on developing the portfolio of capabilities and solutions for Cloud Builders (rental portfolio) and asset-light Managed Service Providers (MSP portfolio). VMware continues its investments building a VMware-based Infrastructure as a Service platform, expanding to application platform services and Sovereign Clouds, and delivering VMware SaaS services such as Workspace Anywhere either as complementary or stand-alone offerings. For VMware Explore in Barcelona, our Cloud Provider announcements are spread across 4 categories: Sovereign and Developer Ready Clouds, Cloud Director, and Managed Service Provider solutions.

VMware Explore Europe Announcements

Sovereign and Developer Ready Cloud Services

VMware Sovereign Cloud initiatives continue the momentum and market leadership of Sovereign Cloud, with the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative recognizing our 24 Cloud Partners (>100% growth in the last year) that deliver solutions that can secure, protect and manage sensitive workloads. In addition, we see that workloads continue their migration march to modern application architectures built on cloud smart principles, and have seen increasing demand for solutions that help our partners deliver complete end to end platform capabilities for developing, deploying, and managing those cloud native workloads. Our sovereign and developer ready cloud services have expanded to bring modern application solutions to our partners, including Tanzu for Sovereign Cloud, VMware Data Solutions (formerly Tanzu Data Services), Tanzu Application Platform, and ecosystem partnership solutions for ransomware, data protection, and data lakehouse services. You can read more about the new services available in this blog post.

VMware Cloud Director, Cloud Smart Services

VMWare Cloud Director has a proven history of providing operational improvements and new capabilities for customers and has seen deployment by 80% of our top 200 providers, leading the highest revenue increases across the board. This large adoption rate reflects the enormous value that VMware Cloud Director provides for our multi cloud, multi-tenant providers. VMware Cloud Director has launched a lot of new capabilities this year as well, such as adding support for additional hyperscaler clouds including Azure VMware Solution. This now delivers VMware Cloud Director service for all the major hyperscaler partners. VMware Cloud Director also integrates with capabilities from our flagship vSphere 8 virtualization platform and supports the latest Tanzu innovations for bringing modern application workloads and their data to partner clouds. You can read more about the new capabilities and more in this blog post.

Managed Service Provider Services

In addition to VMware Cloud Director service updates provided above, our Managed Service Providers also will benefit from additional capabilities and features available to them to improve the ROI of their services investments with VMware Cloud. Additional enhancements our providers will be able to leverage includes support for multi commit contracts, i4i.metal instances for VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Ransomware Recovery for VMware Cloud DR. To read more about these newest updates and more, you can read about them in this blog post.

Additional Resources for Cloud Providers

Below is a list of upcoming sessions at VMware Explore Barcelona, as well as available assets which can help provide more detail on partner solutions available for our cloud providers. In addition, stop by the Sovereign Cloud and Tanzu booths at the VMware Pavilion to learn more about the solutions and talk to experts about how VMware can help you plan and build cloud smart services that meet your tenant requirements, whether in public, private, or sovereign clouds.

VMware Explore Barcelona Sessions



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