VMware Cross Cloud Managed Services – Driving Sustainability 

Author – David Simpkins, Director, Ecosystem Solutions – Cross-Cloud Service Creation

Sustainability has become one of the most important business issues for organisations to tackle as we edge closer to 2030. Key stakeholders are increasingly pushing the importance of environmental and social responsibility higher up the corporate agenda. 

A growing awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, resource depletion, and the impact of pollution has made sustainability a moral and ethical imperative. Increased regulatory pressures from governments world-wide who are enforcing stricter environmental regulations and reporting with non-compliance resulting in heavy fines, legal action and brand damage, means it is no longer enough to just have a vision, organisations are having to scientifically show if they are taking action to make an impact.   

This move to an action-based agenda means organisations are looking at how they can gain insight and use the right tools to implement material change across their IT infrastructure, applications, and data centres. Being able to gain the right level of insight and knowledge is an important first step in the implementation of an organisation’s sustainability strategy and reporting requirements before they look at implementation, management, and life cycle management.  

The VMware Cross Cloud Managed Services portfolio enables customers and partners to address their sustainability goals through a set of prescribed offers to drive insight (reporting and visibility), automation and management (efficiency) and implementation (transformation) of multi-cloud solutions delivering sustainability at its heart.  

VMware Aria Operations and cost optimisation features offer the ability to get actionable insight, carbon consumption metrics, optimise utilisation, capacity planning and provide energy transparency and accounting all displayed through a VMware Green Score and Dashboard enabling the identification and removal of unused resources.

VMware Cloud Editions brings together the building blocks to make Private Cloud infrastructure highly efficient and sustainable by facilitating higher host/ cluster utilization, insight into power and carbon consumption, reduction in physical infrastructure and data centre assets such as space, power and cooling to deliver a 90% reduction in energy and carbon compared to basic virtualization. When coupled with HCX, these benefits are increased through more efficient and easier workload migration enabling increased efficiency and reduction of risk whilst moving workloads between or to sustainable infrastructures.

VMware Cloud bundles enable users to leverage their existing VMware tools and skills to deliver these workloads on more efficient and sustainable public Cloud Provider Infrastructures (AWS, MS Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, Equinix, etc) to take advantage of their Zero Carbon technologies and policies offering an 88% reduction in carbon emissions per year.  

VMware’s vision is to build a more sustainable, equitable and secure digital future for all, including our customers and partners. Using VMware’s virtualisation technology, over 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon emissions have been avoided since 2003. Our 2030 vision is to deliver 30 objectives across Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives to make an impact.

It can’t stop there. It takes a community to drive change. Under VMware’s Cross Cloud Managed Services portfolio, customers can leverage predefined packaged solutions that are quick to implement and are managed by an ecosystem of trusted and skilled VMware Cross Cloud Managed Service Partners to deliver fast, risk-free options to help manage the drive towards sustainability. If you want to find a partner to help you on your sustainability journey, please visit:

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