VMware Cloud Flex Storage Now Available for Cloud Services Provider – SaaS Partners

We’re excited to announce that as of today, August 28, 2023, VMware Cloud Flex Storage is generally available for VMware Cloud Services Provider – SaaS partners (formerly Managed Service Providers). The Cloud Services Provider – SaaS (CSP-SaaS) route to market allows partners to use VMware Software-as-a-Service offerings without investment in their own data center infrastructure, delivering managed services on top. CSP-SaaS partners can access VMware Cloud Flex Storage through VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, which is our unified SaaS portal that enables providers to deploy SaaS offerings and manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

Digital transformation has accelerated the growth and diversity of data types and storage requirements. To match the rapid pace of data expansion and heterogeneity, businesses today require more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to store and manage their data. In addition, as enterprises continue to distribute their workloads across multiple cloud environments, there is a growing need for uniform, simple and cost-effective ways to manage the data across the entire data lifecycle. To increase operational efficiency, gain agility and address exponential data growth, enterprises are leveraging cloud storage solutions needed to accelerate innovation.

VMware Cloud Flex Storage is for IT infrastructure and operations teams who need increased flexibility and scalability, simplified operations, and reduced cost for their growing storage requirements. VMware Cloud Flex Storage offers a scalable, elastic, and natively integrated storage service for VMware Cloud on AWS that is fully managed by VMware and delivered with predictable cloud economics. It allows cloud services providers to help better align cloud resources for their VMware Cloud on AWS customers in line with their applications and data requirements. Partners can flexibly scale storage and compute independently of each other, simplify operations with a solution that is easy to buy, use and manage, and benefit from a straightforward pay-as-you-go consumption model. Partners who have customers with storage-bound workloads can now provision storage on-demand to run their virtual machines without adding hosts.

VMware Cloud Flex Storage is built on a mature, enterprise-class filesystem that has been developed and production-hardened over many years. It is the same filesystem that has been backing VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. It enables independent scaling of storage performance and capacity and elastic adjustment of storage capacity up or down as needed, making this a multi-purpose file system that unlocks many use cases. Learn more here and here.

Cloud services providers can use VMware Cloud Flex Storage to power their VMware Cloud Director service and VMware Cloud on AWS multi-tenant solution. Using Cloud Director service, not only can they efficiently share their VMware Cloud on AWS environment across multiple customers or lines of businesses, but they can also share Cloud Flex Storage to lower their costs while enabling their customers with a cloud like experience. Click here to learn more about Cloud Director service.

New Region Support

VMware Cloud Flex Storage is now available in AWS Asia Pacific regions (Mumbai, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney). With this launch, VMware Cloud Flex Storage will be available in 17 AWS Regions. Partners can find the current list of supported areas here.

VMware Cloud Partner Navigator

Before onboarding to VMware Cloud Partner Navigator, Cloud Services Provider – SaaS partners must have at least one active commit contract in the VMware Commerce Portal for VMware Cloud Flex Storage or another SaaS service, a valid VMware ID associated with an active commit contract, and the receipt of the provider organization invitation email. They will work with an aggregator to get started. Access the end-to-end getting started guide for Cloud Services Provider – SaaS partners here.

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