VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.2.1

VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension introduces version 2.2.1 with the feature improvements for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes Backup & Restore, User role management and OSIS.

Kubernetes Persistent Volumes Backup and Restore

With the latest features, the Cloud Provider administrator can backup and restore Tanzu local in their organization’s Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Cluster multi-cloud environment. The protection and backup can be started through Container Service Extension (CSE) cluster within the OSE portal. Note: This function supports both metadata and PVC backup. Object Storage Extension 2.2 installs Velero with Kopia plugin into the customer Kubernetes cluster for backup and restore.

Provider Access to S3

This new feature offers autonomy for tenants to manage Provider admins access to OSE tenant portal. Tenants Administrators can configure the settings and disallow, and allow read-only or full permissions for providers to jump to tenants’ organization and imitate tenant administrators’ role.

OSIS Enhancement

Version 2.2.1 also introduces enhancements and improvements for Object Storage Interoperability Service (OSIS) which offers IAM user support, tenant onboard and bucket synchronization.


You can upgrade directly to VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension 2.2.1 from versions 2.X. See Upgrading VMware Cloud Director Object Storage Extension. For more insights, please take a look at the release notes.

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Download OSE 2.2.1

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