VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension [V4.1] Educational Course is Out Now

We are excited to announce the release of the VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension [V4.1] Educational Course for Cloud Providers. This training course provides an in-depth overview of all the new features that have been released and the existing features that have been enhanced.

To meet the ongoing demand, we are introducing an enhanced course that will enable you to grasp the functionality of Container Service Extension 4.1 in conjunction with VMware Cloud Director.

  • What is Container Service Extension (CSE)?
  • Who should take this course?
  • What can I expect from this course?
  • Why Should you take this course?

Answers to the questions remain the same as discussed in the blog

Course Details:

Please keep in mind that this course has also been meticulously designed using a module-based approach. This enables you to selectively choose the specific aspects of the product that you wish to learn first, tailoring your learning experience according to your preferences and requirements.

  • Course Title: VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension [V4.0]
  • Course Type: eLearning
  • Course Length: 1 day (across modules)
  • VCCL Subscription: Basic (Free)
  • Course Link:

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