Visualize and monitor Azure & hybrid networks with Azure Network Watcher

There is a critical need for increased visibility and control over the operational state of complex networks running sophisticated workloads. Multi-cloud and hybrid network environments power new demands of remote work, 5G/Edge connectivity, microservices based workloads, and increased cloud adoption. The advent of the cloud has added agility, cost benefits, and brought along the need for management of the infrastructure. Management and monitoring of the network underlying these complex applications plays a key role in ensuring end-user satisfaction.

Azure Network Watcher provides an entire suite of tools to visualize, monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot network issues across Azure and Hybrid cloud environments. Network Watcher enables customers to detect anomalies across Azure and hybrid networks with comprehensive wide coverage, through a guided and intuitive drilled-down experience. Network Watcher helps customers monitor, manage, and understand their own networks for performance, connectivity, security, and compliance issues and furthermore, empowers customers to troubleshoot efficiently with actionable insights and proactive alerting, thus effectively reducing the mean time to resolve network issues.

A screenshot displaying a topology of connectivity test created from on-premises ARC enabled machine with Azure Monitor Agent enabled , with packet loss and RTT metrics.

The following new feature enhancements across Network Watcher suite aim to provide timely and complete visibility and actionable insights to customers of their hybrid networks in a manner that is easily accessible, readily usable, and reliable.

Visualize resource and network health with Topology

Topology enables users to quickly acquire system context, comprehend state, and troubleshoot issues efficiently by visualizing the resources in a network. It offers a visually connected experience for monitoring and managing inventory.

This new topology experience in Azure, which replaces the Network Watcher topology, will enable customers to create a consistent and dynamic topology across multiple subscriptions, regions, and resource groups (RGs)—comprising of numerous resources.

A screenshot showing Azure Resource Topology visualization.

Allowing deep dives into the customer’s environment, Topology lets users drill down from regions, VNETs to subnets, and resource view diagram of resources supported in Azure.

Stitching the end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics story for all Network Monitoring needs, topology offers the capability to run Next Hop directly from a VM selected in the topology.

Significant features available with this preview: 

  • Multi-region and multi-subscription–dynamic drill-down visualization.
  • Health status of resources using resource health (RHC) status.
  • Diagnostics tool Next Hop integration.
  • Resource view diagram for all supported resources.

Monitor connectivity using Azure Monitor Agent with Connection Monitor


Integration of Azure Monitor Agent’s support consolidates multi-monitoring agents into a single connectivity monitoring agent in Azure Network Watcher’s Connection Monitor.

Connection Monitor, a multi-agent solution, monitors connectivity at regular intervals across Azure and Hybrid endpoints and provides aggregated data for packet loss, latency, and status codes over TCP, ICMP, and HTTP(s) pings.

A screenshot of Network Watcher portfolio, displaying end to end network monitoring and management with Network Watcher suite.

Connection Monitor helps you troubleshoot network issues with faster alerts for lack of connectivity or reachability to the endpoints. The unified topology rendered provides a complete end-to-end visualization of the network path from source to destination, with actionable insights.

This agent integration enhancement addresses connectivity monitoring logs and metrics data collection needs across Azure and ARC-enabled on-premises machines, thus eliminating the overhead of management and enablement of multiple monitoring agents. Additionally, Azure Monitor Agent provides enhanced security and performance capabilities, effective cost savings, and ease of troubleshooting with simpler management of data collection. With this support, dependency on the soon-to-be-retired Log Analytics agent is eliminated, while increasing the coverage for on-premises machines with support for ARC-enabled endpoints.

Significant features available with preview:

  • Connectivity monitoring support for ARC-enabled on-premises endpoints.
  • Simpler management of monitoring extension.
  • One agent for monitoring Azure and non-Azure endpoints.
  • Enhanced security through Managed Identity and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tokens.             

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