VAST Data extends global namespace capabilities to Google Cloud

VAST Data, a AI data platform company, hads made the VAST Data Platform available with Google Cloud.

By extending the VAST Data Platform’s global namespace with Google Cloud, organisations have the flexibility to deploy multi-node VAST Clusters either independently with Google Cloud or in conjunction with on-premises VAST clusters, offering the full suite of platform features to support both hybrid and native Google Cloud environments.

Part of the VAST Data Platform, the VAST DataSpace is a global namespace that offers a unified, consistent data management layer to access, move, manage and protect structured and unstructured data across edge, on-premises and hybrid multi-cloud environments, beyond a single cluster. This is made possible by VAST’s market-disrupting DASE architecture separating data processing logic from data persistence, enabling the scaling of capacity and performance independently. As organisations’ datasets and cloud adoption continue to grow, this architecture brings improved scalability, enhanced flexibility and performance improvements for different workloads and their unique requirements, as well as resource efficiency and cost savings in the cloud.

Ultimately, this allows for efficient, limitless scale and collaboration between multiple applications or users across hybrid cloud/multi-location environments without having to manage multiple copies of their data. VAST’s integration with Google Cloud provides a frictionless experience as they burst their data from on-premises to leverage the powerful elasticity of the cloud.

With these new VAST Data Platform capabilities available with Google Cloud, VAST is helping customers and partners to:

  • Simplify Data Management in Hybrid Cloud Architecture: The VAST Data Platform’s global namespace enables a single unified view of data across enterprise data centers and Google Cloud that is completely transparent to applications and users – serving data to everywhere requested while adhering to security and access protocols. 
  • Enable Collaboration Across Distributed Teams: Globally distributed organisations with data sets spanning multiple data centers across different geographies and Google Cloud regions can now collaborate, not on copies of data, but through predictive prefetching, can benefit from fast access to files or objects stored locally in any location.
  • Accelerate Feature Engineering for AI: The VAST DataBase accelerates AI and data pipelines, enabling feature engineering with apps like Apache Spark. Organisations can spin up Spark clusters with Google Cloud and gain radical compute efficiencies through integration with the VAST DataBase.
  • Ensure Cyber Resiliency with a Zero Trust Architecture: With granular access control, multitenancy with strict isolation, robust encryption, key management, and intelligent threat detection capabilities – the VAST Data Platform allows organisations to adhere to the foundational principles of Zero Trust across clouds, while providing features like data indexing, search capabilities, and cataloging using tags and metadata to deliver a comprehensive and secure data management system.

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