Utility Companies and Pole Attachers Debate Responsibility for Pole Replacement Costs

From the 12 Days of Broadband:

  • On the First Day of Broadband, my true love sent to me:
    A Symmetrical Gigabit Network.

If 2022 was nothing else, it was the year in which symmetrical fiber became the hands-down unquestioned technology for broadband deployment.

Fiber isn’t exactly an immature technology: It’s been in widespread use for decades. But until the 21st century, fiber-to-the-home deployments weren’t very common in the United States. In part, this was because other technologies had a strong foothold, including co-axial cables used by cable television giants, legacy copper wiring for Digital Subscriber Lines first put in place by Ma Bell and her progeny, and various forms of wireless transmissions (both terrestrial and satellite).