Tribal Ready and Gaiia Partner to Support Indian Country


Trial Ready announces partnership with OSS/BSS software company.

Corey Walker Tribal Ready and Gaiia Partner to Support Indian Country Back row (left to right)- Shawn Mcintyre, head of growth, Gaiia; Marc-André Campagna, CEO, Gaiia; David Riley, Chief of Staff, Gaiia; Front row (left to right)- Scott Dinsmore, Chief Revenue Officer, Tribal Ready; Keely Purscell, Director of Sales, Tribal Ready; Joe Valandra, CEO, Tribal Ready; Nikki Drag- Kposowa, Senior Executive Assistant, Tribal Ready; Adam Geisler, COO, Tribal Ready, at the April 2024 Tribal Broadband Summit

WASHINGTON, April 9, 2024 — Tribal Ready, a Native American-owned company with expertise in communications and network design, on Tuesday announced that Gaiia would provide software and solutions for Tribal Ready.

Gaiia, a leading provider of operations support system and business support system (OSS/BSS) for the telecommunications industry, offers ISPs systems for billing, customer relationship management, operations, and automation.

Tribal Ready Wants Better Broadband Data to Benefit Indian Country

Tribal leaders and citizens must gather data ‘on a scale large enough to ensure that Tribal nations receive’ funding.

With a mission to ensure high-speed broadband reaches every Native American individual and community, Tribal Ready plays a leading role in advocating for Tribal sovereignty, including Tribal data sovereignty.

“Tribal Ready is committed to connecting Tribes to internet service, but it is a priority for us to do so in a way that safeguards the sovereignty of Tribal nations,” said Joe Valandra, CEO of Tribal Ready. The partnership “will give our clients the power and independence to regulate their networks while ensuring the security of their data.”

“Gaiia is honored to partner with Tribal Ready to help empower Tribes across the country with the ability to manage their broadband,” said CEO Marc-Andre Campagna. “Our platform is the perfect all-in-one solution for Tribal communities to safely and effectively manage their networks.”