The Need for Ransomware Recovery as-a-Service: Introducing VMware Ransomware Recovery

We are pleased to announce that VMware Ransomware Recovery for VMware Cloud DR is now available for Managed Service Providers.

VMware Partners have been building successful Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaas) solutions since the availability of VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery via the MSP route to market.

With the addition of VMware Ransomware Recovery, partners can now add a specialized Ransomware Recovery as-a-Service offering. VMware Ransomware Recovery builds upon the rich set of foundational capabilities of VMware Cloud DR. These include immutable snapshots that are stored in an operationally air-gapped environment, instant VM power-on for rapid experimentation, file- and folder-level restore, and high-frequency snapshots. 

Read more about VMware Ransomware Recovery in the announcement blog.

How to get started

VMware Ransomware Recovery builds upon VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery. To get started, contact your aggregator or your Cloud Provider Manager.

Learn more

More information on VMware Ransomware Recovery can be found on the product webpage.


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