Snowflake Brings Gen AI to Images, Video and More With Multimodal Language Models from Reka in Snowflake Cortex

Snowflake is committed to helping our customers unlock the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to drive better decisions, improve productivity and reach more customers using all types of data. Large Language Models (LLMs) are a critical component of generative AI applications, and multimodal models are an exciting category that allows users to go beyond text and incorporate images and video into their prompts to get a better understanding of the context and meaning of the data.

Today we are excited to announce we’re furthering our partnership with Reka to support its suite of highly capable multimodal models in Snowflake Cortex. This includes Flash, an optimized model for everyday questions and developing support for Core, Reka’s largest and most performant model. This will allow our customers to seamlessly unlock value from more types of data with the power of multimodal AI in the same environment where their data lives, protected by the built-in security and governance of the Snowflake Data Cloud. Reka’s latest testing reveals that both Flash and Core are highly capable with Core’s capabilities approaching GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra, making it one of the most capable LLMs available today.

In addition to expanding our partnership with NVIDIA to power gen AI applications and enhance model performance and scalability, our partnership with Reka and other LLM providers are the latest examples of how Snowflake is accelerating our AI capabilities for customers.

Snowflake remains steadfast in our commitment to make AI secure, easy to use and quick-to-implement, for both business and technical users. Taken together, our partnerships and investments in AI ensure we continue to provide customers with maximum choice around the tools and technologies they need to build powerful AI applications.