Qdrant offers managed vector database for hybrid clouds

Open-source database provider Qdrant has made available Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, a dedicated vector database to be offered in a managed hybrid cloud model.

Qdrant, the open-source foundation of both Qdrant Cloud and Qdrant Hybrid Cloud, is a vector similarity search engine and vector database written in Rust. Qdrant offers a set of features for performance optimization and can handle billions of vectors with scale and memory safety, the company said. 

Qdrant said it lets businesses deploy vector databases across any cloud provider, on-prem data center, or edge location, thus ensuring performance, security, and cost efficiency for AI-driven applications. Vector databases have emerged as a critical component for building generative AI applications.

Qdrant Hybrid Cloud lets customers deploy a vector database in their chosen environment without sacrificing the benefits of a managed cloud service. In addition to running on Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, Qdrant Hybrid Cloud can run in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Red Hat OpenShift, Vultur, DigitalOcean, OVHcloud, Scaleway, Stackit, Civo, or any other private or public infrastructure with Kubernetes support.

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