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  • Development and testing

    Simplify and accelerate development and testing (dev/test) across any platform.

  • DevOps

    Bring together people, processes, and products to continuously deliver value to customers and coworkers.

  • DevSecOps

    Build secure apps on a trusted platform. Embed security in your developer workflow and foster collaboration between developers, security practitioners, and IT operators.

  • Build and modernize intelligent apps

    Create differentiated digital experiences by infusing intelligence into your applications with apps, data and AI solutions.

  • E-commerce

    Give customers what they want with a personalized, scalable, and secure shopping experience.

  • Low-code application development on Azure

    Turn your ideas into applications faster using the right tools for the job.

  • Microservice applications

    Create reliable apps and functionalities at scale and bring them to market faster.

  • Mobile

    Reach your customers everywhere, on any device, with a single mobile app build.

  • Modern application development

    Respond to changes faster, optimize costs, and ship confidently.

  • Serverless computing

    Build apps faster by not having to manage infrastructure.

  • Messaging services on Azure

    Connect modern applications with a comprehensive set of messaging services on Azure.

  • Application and data modernization

    Accelerate time to market, deliver innovative experiences, and improve security with Azure application and data modernization.

  • Business SaaS apps

    Use business insights and intelligence from Azure to build software as a service (SaaS) apps

  • Azure SaaS Development Kit

    Move to a SaaS model faster with a kit of prebuilt code, templates, and modular resources.

  • Web3

    Explore services to help you develop and run Web3 applications.

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