Offer the Cloud Verified badge to your hosted partners and drive more platform consumption

Are you a VMware Cloud Verified Services Provider whose customers are other Cloud Services Providers running in your data centers, or data centers you manage with your own hardware deployment and management stack? If you are then we have an opportunity for you…read on….

VMware Cloud Verified is a certified and validated designation that VMware Cloud Services providers earn by deploying a VMware Validated Solution or a VMware Cloud Foundation stack. This indicates a level of compatibility and capability that customers can expect from you.

Previously, as a Cloud Verified partner – (let’s call you a ‘parent) your data center was Cloud Verified, and all white label partners (your children) running on that same infrastructure could not use your Cloud Verified badge. We are delighted to report that we have broadened the Cloud Verified Badge (not including other benefits you specifically receive) to your white-label ‘child’ partners.

Watch the how-to video instructions:


Why are we doing this? Simply put – to help you drive consumption of your platform. As a reminder, here is a list of the benefits of being VMware Cloud Verified, and now, your white-label partners (customers) can also be recognized by using the Cloud Verified badge:

  • Credibility and Trust: VMware is a well-established and trusted name in the virtualization and cloud computing industry. Being VMware Cloud Verified can enhance a cloud provider’s credibility and trustworthiness among potential customers.
  • Compatibility: VMware Cloud Verified services providers have passed rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure that their infrastructure is compatible with VMware technologies. This compatibility can make it easier for customers to migrate and run their VMware workloads in the cloud.
  • Market Differentiation: The VMware Cloud Verified badge can help a cloud services provider stand out in a competitive market. It can be a powerful marketing tool to attract customers who are looking for VMware-based cloud solutions.
  • Compliance and Security: VMware Cloud Verified services providers are expected to adhere to industry best practices and security standards. This can provide customers with assurance regarding data protection and compliance.
  • Customer Confidence: Customers who are already familiar with VMware technologies may feel more confident in choosing a VMware Cloud Verified provider, knowing that their cloud environment will be compatible with their existing VMware infrastructure.

Let’s set the scene with a valid use case :

  1. You own and operate a VMware Cloud Verified data center(s) – for simplicity, we will call you a “parent.”
  2. You have customers who are also cloud providers, we will refer to them as “white label ‘child’ partners” – who are using your Cloud Verified infrastructure to deliver their services to their customers.
  3. The white-label ‘child’ partner can now use the VMware Cloud Verified Logo to help them drive additional business and customer recognition.
  4. The white-label ‘child’ partner will now have a listing on our Cloud Verified ( site.
  5. The white-label ‘child’ partner will also be featured in every vSphere console globally and any resulting leads will be sent directly to the email supplied in the validation process.
  6. You, the parent, will oversee your white-label ‘child’ partners. You will need to add and remove them from the site) as they come on and move off your platform  

Simply put, the white label ‘child’ partner is entitled to use the VMware Cloud Verified logo wherever they wish (but will receive no other marketing benefits)., A white-label ‘child’ partner can also have multiple parents as they may exist in other companies. Once you, as a parent, apply for a white-label ‘child’ partner in the validation system, they will be auto-approved.  Post approval, the white-label ‘child’ partner will have their profile page on the Cloud Verified portal ( There are also no specific differentiating points on the parent’s public-facing listing. The existing Cloud Verified revalidation function does not impact white-label ‘child’ partners, as we will only be revalidating your ‘parent’ cloud infrastructure, which they (the child partners) already consume.


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