Multiple commit contracts per service now available in Cloud Partner Navigator

VMware Cloud Provider Partners who resell VMware’s services via the Managed Service Provider route to market (‘MSPs’) do this by signing a commit contract with a VMware aggregator. This contract represents a minimum commitment of consumption of a particular service, and provides the partner with up-front discounts for this service.

After signing a commit contract, the partner can provision services for their end customers via Cloud Partner Navigator.

As of today, partners can have multiple commit contracts for the same service under the same organization in Cloud Partner Navigator. Before this, commit contracts were linked to a provider organization. This caused a lack of flexibility and a proliferation of organizations, for instance after partner mergers & acquisitions, or when a partner changed aggregators.

With this new functionality, partners can better align their commitments to VMware with customer contracts, and have more flexibility to combine prepay and pay as you go contracts.

In the services overview of Cloud Partner Navigator, you will see that service tiles now have a new “Manage Commit Contract” option.

There is also a new overview of Commit Contracts, which lists all all commit contracts associated with each service and set default commit contracts on a per service basis.

For more information on this new functionality, head over to the Cloud Partner Navigator documentation.