Microsoft unveils Copilot for Azure SQL Database

Microsoft has announced a private preview of Copilot in Azure SQL Database, an AI assistant that improves productivity in the Azure portal by offering natural language to SQL conversion, along with self-help for database administration.

Microsoft announced the preview on March 21. To sign up for the preview, users can request access.

Copilot in Azure SQL Database enables the Azure portal query editor to translate natural language queries to SQL, making database interactions more intuitive, Microsoft said. Plus, Azure Copilot integration adds Azure SQL Database skills into Microsoft Copilot for Azure, providing self-guided assistance that enables users to manage databases and solve issues independently.

Copilot in Azure SQL Database integrates data and formulates responses using public documentation, database schema, dynamic management views, catalog views, and Azure supportability diagnostics, Microsoft said.

Within the Azure portal query editor, Copilot for Azure SQL Database uses table and view names, column names, primary key, and foreign key metadata to generate T-SQL code. Users then can review and execute the code suggestion. The Copilot also can answer questions with prompts like “Which real estate agent has listed more than two properties for sale?” or “Show me a pivot summary table that displays the number of properties sold in each year from 2020 to 2023,” Microsoft said.

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