Microsoft Azure AI celebrates Women’s History Month

As a young girl growing up, the tech world seemed like a distant reality, predominantly occupied by men. It wasn’t until my older sister pursued a degree in informatics in college that I realized the potential for women in technology. This revelation was not just about inspiring young girls like me but about fostering an inclusive environment where companies thrive on diverse representation. Despite the so-called “glass ceiling,” my journey in tech has been about proving that barriers are meant to be broken, not dwelled upon.  

In celebration of Women’s History Month, it’s an honor to shine a light on female leaders from Microsoft Azure AI customers who demonstrate that they are not just navigating—they’re also innovating in the realm of generative AI. These women and the companies they lead are exemplary models of how inclusivity can drive forward the world of technology. 

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IWill Therapy and IWill CARE 

Shipra Dawar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

IWill Therapy and IWill CARE, an online mental health care provider in India, has launched a Hindi-speaking chatbot named IWill GITA, developed using the Azure AI Studio platform. This initiative addresses the critical gap in mental health services in India, where an estimated 60 to 70 million people require care, but access remains limited. IWill GITA offers cognitive behavioral therapy through AI-powered, therapist-like conversations, providing a scalable solution to improve mental health access across the country. The chatbot is designed to ensure privacy, security, and empathy, making mental health care accessible and stigma-free for individuals in need.


Vicki Brady, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director 

Telstra is enhancing customer service by deploying two generative AI tools—Ask Telstra and One Sentence Summary—developed with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. These tools are showing promising results, with 90% of employees reporting increased effectiveness and time savings, leading to 20% less follow-up contact. The implementation reflects Telstra’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, showcasing the potential of AI to streamline operations and improve service delivery in telecommunications.

Schneider Electric 

Annette Clayton, Chief Executive Officer, North America 

By integrating Azure OpenAI Service, Schneider Electric has developed an AI hub, serving as the foundation for engineers to create solutions that generate text, code, and other content types. This initiative has led to significant productivity gains and new ways of working—allowing the company to streamline tasks, optimize resource allocation, and achieve greater speed and efficiency.


Corinne Vigreux, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Consumer Business 

TomTom is revolutionizing the driving experience by introducing the Digital Cockpit, a conversational infotainment system powered by Azure AI technologies. This system allows drivers to interact with their cars in more intuitive and efficient ways, handling tasks like making dinner reservations, finding charging stations, and adjusting vehicle settings through voice commands. Leveraging Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Kubernetes Service, TomTom’s Digital Cockpit promises a seamless integration of AI-powered assistance, enhancing the driving experience beyond the traditional navigation systems to meet the modern driver’s expectations for convenience and functionality.


Deanna Lanier, Chief Strategy Officer 

Generative AI is revolutionizing contract life cycle management at Icertis by enabling the extraction of insights from contract data, improving revenue and efficiency, reducing risks, and ensuring compliance. The collaboration with Microsoft Azure has led to the development of ICI Copilots, which utilize assistive and generative AI to transform contracts into interactive assets, thereby accelerating contract reviews and uncovering potential revenue leakage.

Blue Yonder 

Susan Beal, Chief Customer Officer 

Blue Yonder is leveraging Azure’s AI and machine learning capabilities to offer end-to-end supply chain management solutions that provide real-time decision-making power and workflows for businesses to efficiently fulfill orders and adapt to market changes. This collaboration enhances supply chain resilience and innovation, allowing companies to manage complexity and maintain profitability amid global challenges.


Rohinee Mohindroo, Chief Information Officer 

Sitecore, a leader in digital experience management, leverages Microsoft Azure and Azure OpenAI Service to empower brands with intelligent content orchestration—enabling them to deliver personalized, channel-less experiences seamlessly across various touchpoints. By utilizing Azure’s scalable storage, automation, and application deployment capabilities, Sitecore helps brands optimize content velocity, orchestrate digital experiences, and monetize interactions—ensuring frictionless, data-driven customer experiences.

Female leadership is driving innovation

As we navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI, it’s crucial to recognize the role of female leadership in shaping its future. These technologies hold the promise of transforming industries, and with women at the forefront, we can ensure they do so in a way that promotes inclusivity and diversity. The achievements of these leaders not only pave the way for the next generation of women in tech, but also illustrate the indispensable value of female perspectives in driving innovation.

As Azure AI celebrates Women’s History Month, let’s remember that the journey toward gender equality in tech is ongoing. The achievements of female leaders in generative AI and beyond serve as a powerful reminder of what is possible when we champion diversity and inclusion. By supporting and uplifting women in tech, we can unlock a future where technology is shaped by a truly representative mix of voices and perspectives.

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