MariaDB SkySQL adds serverless analytics, cost management features

MariaDB is adding features such as serverless analytics and cost management to the new release of its managed database-as-a-service (DBaaS) SkySQL, it said Thursday.

SkySQL, which is a managed instance of the MariaDB platform, offers OLAP (online analytical processing) and OLTP (online transaction processing) along with enterprise features like sharding, load balancing, and auto-failover via a combination of MariaDB Xpand, MariaDB Enterprise Server, and MariaDB ColumnStore.

In order to help enterprises bring down the cost of databases and to manage expenditure better, MariaDB has introduced an autoscaling feature for both compute and storage.

“Rules specify when autoscaling is triggered, for example, when CPU utilization is above 75% over all replicas sustained for 30 minutes, then a new replica or node will be added to handle the increase,” the company said in a statement.

“Similarly, when CPU utilization is less than 50% over all replicas for an hour, nodes or a replica is removed. Users always specify the top and bottom threshold so there are never any cost surprises,” it explained, adding that enterprises only pay for the resources used.

In addition to autoscaling, the company has added serverless analytics capabilities eliminating the need for running extract, transform, load (ETL) tasks.

“SkySQL enables operational analytics on active transactional data as well as external data sources using a serverless analytics layer powered by Apache Spark SQL,” the company said, adding that this approach removes inconsistencies between an analytical view and a transactional view.

Further, it said that enterprises will pay for the compute used for analytics without the need to provision for processing power.

Additional features in the new release includes access for data scientists to a specific version of Apache Zeppelin notebooks.

“The notebook is pre-loaded with examples that demonstrate ways to run analytics on data stored in SkySQL. It can also be used to discover database schemas, running queries on data stored in Amazon S3 and federating queries to join data across SkySQL databases and S3 object storage,” the company said.

The new release of SkySQL has been made generally available on AWS and Google cloud. It includes updated MariaDB Xpand 6.1.1, Enterprise Server 10.6.12 and ColumnStore 6.3.1.

New customers signing up for the DBaaS can claim $500 in credits, MariaDB said.

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