Managed IDS/IPS for VMware Cloud Director

Want to add IDS/IPS services with VMware Cloud Director™ using VMware NSX? There’s a white paper for that!

Many VMware Cloud Providers are interested in offering VMware NSX IDS/IPS in their multi-tenant environments managed by VMware Cloud Director.

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) emerged in the late 1990s to detect traffic patterns indicative of incoming attacks. In the 2000s, IDS morphed into Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) as it acquired additional security capabilities. Over the years, IDS/IPS has become a standard capability of the network security stack.

VMware NSX® provides Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service (IDS/IPS) to monitor east-west and north-south traffic to detect malicious traffic patterns not only by comparing the traffic against a known set of intrusion detection signatures but also by identifying anomalous behavior.

Please check out this new guide that enables VMware Cloud Provider administrators to implement those solutions as a managed service for VMware Cloud Director users. In the proposed implementation, the components are configured and managed separately from VMware Cloud Director.