Load Balancer as a Service with VMware Cloud Director

Enabling Load Balancer as a Service for VMware Cloud Director tenants has never been easier, thanks to its integration with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. 

Only a few simple actions are required so Cloud Providers can start offering their tenants the option to activate and maintain load balancing even by themselves only within the VMware Cloud Director UI. 

A mandatory prerequisite is to have a VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller cluster already deployed and configured, at least one NSX cloud to be created in the Controller, and at least one Service Engine Group to be defined.

After having all these in place, the rest of the process is quite straightforward and consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Integration setup – register a VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller in VMware Cloud Director, add the existing NSX clouds, and import the available Service Engine Groups.
  2. Enable LBaaS for a tenant – activate the service on a tenant Edge Gateway, choose which feature set to use (more about feature sets in this blog), and select which Service Engine Group(s) to run the virtual services.
  3. Create a Virtual Service – add members to a server pool, configure their port, health monitor, and load balancer algorithm settings. Then create the virtual service with its wanted Virtual IP, type, port, and more.

As the first two (#1 and #2) must be conducted by the Cloud Provider (system administrator), #3 can be performed by a tenant user with sufficient privileges (such as Organization administrator). 

This video will guide you through the complete procedure, explaining each step in detail.


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