Greenlight Networks Announces 8-Gig Fiber, New Nutrition Label


A FTTH company announces a new service and their broadband ‘nutrition’ label.

Corey Walker Greenlight Networks Announces 8-Gig Fiber, New Nutrition Label

April 5, 2024— Fiber to the home provider Greenlight Networks on Tuesday announced the rollout of its new 8 gigabit fiber option and also unveiled its broadband “nutrition” label. 

Based in New York State, the company said that the new service will be 25% cheaper than their 5 gigabit service and available in all of their current fiber markets. Along with increasing speed, the provider will also give customers symmetrical upload and download speeds and uncapped data with no contractual requirements, the company said.

“After launching 5-Gig symmetrical speeds last year, Greenlight quickly raised the upper threshold of our high-speed Internet service with this new 8-Gig offering” Mark Murphy, CEO of Greenlight Networks, said in a press release.

“8-Gig internet is perfect for heavy internet users, including families with a growing number of connected devices and multiple simultaneous users. We’re meeting these connectivity needs head-on while making higher speeds more affordable.”

The provider also revealed its broadband nutrition label ahead of the Federal Communication Commission’s April 10, 2024, deadline. Greenlight said that the new labels should provide more transparency for consumers looking to purchase broadband service. 

“Providing consumers with the ability to compare pricing and providers is the best way to fuel competition in the marketplace,” Murphy said.