Google’s Gemini Cloud Assist helps manage cloud apps

Google’s cloud computing division, Google Cloud, at its annual Google Cloud Next conference has introduced Gemini Cloud Assist, an AI-powered assistant designed to help enterprise teams manage applications and networks in Google Cloud.

Gemini Cloud Assist, now available in private preview, can be accessed through a chat interface in the Google Cloud console. It is powered by Google’s proprietary large language model, Gemini.

“Gemini’s contextual and personalized AI guidance understands your Google Cloud resources to help you craft new designs, deploy workloads, manage applications, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance and costs,” Google said.

Explaining further, the cloud service provider said that enterprise teams can describe the design outcome to Gemini Cloud Assist and it will not only generate architecture configurations tailored to the requirements but also explain the reasoning behind its suggestions.

Enterprises also can use Gemini Cloud Assist to prioritize cost savings, performance, or high availability. Based on the natural language input given by any enterprise team, Gemini Cloud Assist identifies areas for enhancement and suggests how to achieve those goals, the company said.

Gemini Cloud Assist can be directly embedded into the interfaces where enterprise teams manage different cloud products and cloud workloads. “Gemini will help you identify and address dev/test environments left running, forgotten clusters from experiments, and clusters with excess resources,” Google said, adding that the identification of forgotten clusters and optimization of resources can help enterprise reduce their cloud spend.

Apart from managing application life cycles, Gemini Cloud Assist can be used by enterprises to generate AI-based assistance across a variety of networking tasks, including design, operations, and optimization.

“Cloud administrators can ask Gemini Cloud Assist to solve a variety of tasks and recommendations such as generate configurations, recommend capacity, correlate changes with issues, identify vulnerabilities, and optimize performance,” the company said.

Other features of Gemini Cloud Assist include synthetic monitoring and generating natural language interpretation of logs via its Cloud Logging feature.

The Gemini-based AI assistant also has been added to Google Cloud’s suite of security operations offerings. It can provide identity and access management (IAM) recommendations and key insights, including insights for confidential computing, that help reduce risk exposure, the company said.

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