GitLab Dedicated offers single-tenant, SaaS-based devsecops

GitLab Dedicated, a fully isolated, single-tenant SaaS edition of the GitLab devsecops platform, is now generally available. The service is hosted and managed by GitLab and deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Launched June 15, GitLab Dedicated is geared to users with strict compliance requirements such as isolation, data residency, and private networking. Managed by GitLab, the service is intended to let users focus on core business and compliance needs without having to manage a complex devsecops environment themselves.

GitLab Dedicated is deployed on AWS in a region of the user’s choice, although some regions are not supported. GitLab’s devsecops platform provides a single platform for software delivery, from planning to deployment, monitoring, and governance. Specific features of GitLab Dedicated include:

  • Availability and scalability, by leveraging GitLab Cloud Native Hybrid reference architectures with high availability enabled.
  • Disaster recovery, with users able to designate a secondary AWS region for data storage. Regular backups of data stores are stored in the secondary region.
  • For authentication and authorization, GitLab Dedicated supports SAML OmniAuth.
  • For secure networking, users can optionally specify a list of IP addresses that can access a GitLab Dedicated instance. Private connectivity via AWS PrivateLink also is offered.
  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Users can specify their own AWS Key Management Service encryption key.
  • The single-tenant service provides infrastructure-level isolation of the GitLab Dedicated environment.

A number of GitLab application features are not available as part of GitLab Dedicated. These include advanced search; LDAP, smart card, or Kerberos authentication; GitLab-managed runners; and multiple login providers. Limited availability of GitLab Dedicated was launched November 30, 2022. Plans for GitLab Dedicated include support for capabilities such as hosted runners, enhancements to the observability stack, and support for additional AWS regions.

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