Get ready for AI at the Migrate to Innovate digital event

Organizations of all sizes are recognizing that using AI fuels the kind of innovation that’s needed to maintain a competitive edge. What’s often less clear is how to prepare your organization to be able to take full advantage of AI. For organizations running business-critical workloads on Windows Servers and SQL Server, how do you get from running in a traditional, on-premises environment to operating in an environment that supports AI and other modern technologies?

Get ready for AI

To get a solid understanding of how to navigate this type of move, join us at the free digital event Migrate to Innovate: Be AI Ready, Be Secure on Tuesday, April 16, 2024, at 9:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time. Register now to attend information-packed sessions that will help you understand the challenges organizations face in preparing for AI and cloud-native technologies, and what you need to have in place to solve those challenges.

Address your most pressing business challenges

One of the biggest obstacles in the path to modernization is balancing the need to embrace the latest advancements with the need to meet current business challenges. Whether it’s managing rising costs, safeguarding against security threats, maintaining compliance, or controlling IT sprawl as business expands, there are a lot of different priorities competing for your focus, time, and resources.

At the Migrate to Innovate digital event, you’ll learn how Azure provides an optimized platform to fully embrace AI while addressing your most pressing business priorities by maximizing ROI, performance, and resilience. Sessions will focus on how to optimize migration of your Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure to position your organization for innovation, efficiency, growth, and long-term success.

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Migrate to Innovate digital event

Join us to learn how migrating Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure helps fuel innovation and address your business challenges

Be the first to see product updates, deep dives, and demos

Attend the Migrate to Innovate digital event to get first access to seeing what’s included in the upcoming Windows Server 2025 release. View product demos of the newest AI innovations, including Microsoft Copilot. Join product experts for deep-dive product sessions covering Windows Server, SQL Server, AI, security, and a range of modernization-related capabilities. Learn about the latest updates on intelligent Azure databases to power your data and AI workloads, and discover strategies for gaining cloud agility, including running VMware workloads across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Session highlights include:

  • Keynote address—Understand current business challenges and learn how migrating to Azure provides the agility that’s needed to address them. Hear about the latest product announcements and advancements that will help you get ready to take advantage of AI.
  • Migrate to Azure to be AI Ready—Learn the steps that organizations need to take to be ready for AI. Watch demos showing how customers are using AI solutions—including Microsoft Copilot in Azure—to solve complex problems, and how migration accelerates innovation with AI.
  • Customer interview—Hear customers discuss why they chose to make the move to Azure, and how migration has provided them with the business outcomes they need for success, including AI-readiness, security, cost savings, and performance.
  • Migrate your Windows Server to Azure—Learn how Azure is optimized to help you migrate and modernize your Windows Server workloads. Discover on-premises, hybrid, and cloud scenarios for VMware. Watch a demo on Windows Server 2025 and its support for AI capabilities as well as hybrid and edge scenarios.
  • Migrate your Data to Azure—In the era of AI, learn how to power mission-critical applications with Azure databases. See how to simplify migration with the help of Azure Arc migration assessments.
  • New risks, New rules: Secure Code-to-Cloud Migration—Find out how Azure helps you secure your entire migration journey using a cloud-native application platform (CNAPP), Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft Copilot for Security.
  • Get cloud agility anywhere: Strategies for VMware workloads—Understand the issues that on-premises VMware users face, and learn how taking an adaptive cloud approach with Azure helps address these challenges.  
  • Optimize your migration with key guidance, offerings, and tools—Learn about the three most important optimization activities, and discover resources, guidance, and tools that will help you plan and implement your migration solution.

Discover the business outcomes of migrating to Azure

Register for the event to understand how to get your organization on the path to modernization and hear about the business outcomes that customers are seeing when they migrate Windows Server and SQL Server workload to Azure, including:

  • AI readiness: Organizations get results with an AI-ready foundation on Azure. In a study of customers using Azure AI services, a composite organization based on the experiences of six interviewees achieved a three-year ROI of 284%. Work output and operational efficiency increased, employee collaboration and safety improved, and organizations reported faster and more data-driven decision-making.
  • Code-to-cloud security: With Azure, you get a complete code-to-cloud security platform. From foundational security to cloud-native workload protection, replacing multiple third-party security tools with comprehensive, multilayered security reduces risk and costs.
  • Maximizing ROI and performance: Workloads run faster and at a lower cost on Azure than with other cloud providers. AWS is up to 5 times more expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server—and SQL Server runs up to 5.5 times faster on Azure than on AWS.
  • Cloud agility anywhere: Azure meets organizations where they are in their migration journey through an adaptive cloud approach. Azure provides the tools and support to help you secure and govern your entire digital estate across hybrid, multicloud, and edge environments on your own terms.

Register now

Register for the Migrate to Innovate digital event today to join us for this free digital event on Tuesday, April 16, 9:00 AM–11:00 AM Pacific Time.