FiberLight Announces New Fiber Expansion In Virginia


The company also plans on expanding through a route between Dallas and Central Mexico.

Corey Walker FiberLight Announces New Fiber Expansion In Virginia

May 15, 2024 — FiberLight, a fiber infrastructure provider, announced on Wednesday the expansion of its service through a new point of presence at the Globalinx data center in Virginia Beach, according to a Wednesday announcement. 

FiberLight will provide up to one terabit of private ethernet connectivity to any location where it is present on the network, including more than 200 data centers.

FiberLight may be accessed from the Globalinx Data Center Campus in Virginia Beach in the Hampton Roads region. Fiberlight said their point of presence will stimulate company growth by providing safe, fast access throughout its vast network.

The company also said that the fiber expansion will help them forge connections with education, healthcare, and the department of defense. 

“Gaining a foothold in this market has been a long-held goal for FiberLight. Through our partnership with Globalinx, we’re expanding our reach and delivering fast, secure, and robust infrastructure wherever our clients seek connectivity,” said Ron Kormos, FiberLight’s chief strategy officer.

“There’s a large ecosystem of business that flows through this region – from Central and South America to Europe – and we’re well positioned to pick up that traffic and deliver low latency data transport solutions,” Kormos said. “From this pivotal POP in Virginia Beach, we can unlock multiple avenues for growth and meet the diverse networking needs of our clients.”

Fiberlight’s announcement comes on the heels of the news they will launch new fiber routes from Dallas and Central Mexico.

Correction: A previous version of this article misstated the location of a new fiber route: It is from Dallas to Central Mexico, not Dallas to New Mexico. The article has been corrected.