Docker, Maven lead the way in packages

When it comes to the most prominent software package technologies, Docker containers, Apache Maven Java project management, and NPM JavaScript packages led the way in a recent study examining deployments of the JFrog Artifactory repository manager.

The JFrog Software Artifact State of the Union report, announced February 6, features JFrog’s examination of technologies being used to create software, specifically package technologies. Top package types, assessed from October 2021 to October 2022, were as follows:

  1. Docker, with a repo count of 1,330,329 and year-over-year growth of 10.11%
  2. Maven, 1,183,167; 18.79%
  3. NPM, 313,992; 19.61%
  4. YUM, 307,549; 10.36%
  5. Helm, 244,582; 33.67%
  6. PyPI, 206,830; 29.51%
  7. NuGet, 172,989; 31.54%
  8. Debian, 114,737; 21.56%
  9. Gradle, 62,842; 22.8%
  10. GitLFS, 48,734; 26.34%

Results were drawn from a sample of 7,000 companies of varying sizes. Artifactory deployments were either on-premise, multicloud, or hybrid. About 27,000 Artifactory servers were involved, with about 4.2 million repositories factored into the study. Popularity was assessed based on the total number of repositories maintained as well as actions taken for a given package type.

The study also found that Rust’s Cargo package manager is on a serious upswing. Year-to-year growth in the number of Rust Cargo repositories was roughly 67%. JFrog also found that more than 90% of organizations maintain a Maven repo, and the study revealed a five times increase in usage of its own Conan package manager for C/C++ from January 2020 to October 2022.

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