Developing Extensions for VMware Cloud Director Service with Cloud Director Extension SDK

VMware recently announced the availability of the Cloud Director Extension SDK for developing solution add-ons and the solution add-on development lifecycle. It provides tools for writing, building, testing, and packaging VMware Cloud Director UI plugins, runtime definitions, roles and rights, vApps and related network services and policies, and their lifecycle operations.

Beginning in VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1, you can use VMware Cloud Director Solution add-ons UI to extend a VMware Cloud Director offering with additional value-added functionality. The UI allows you to manage the resources and life cycle of solution add-ons. a A solution add-on is custom built for VMware Cloud Director in the extensibility ecosystem and can include both UI and API extensions together with their backend services and lifecycle management.

The roles in the solution add-on ecosystem are Vendor, Provider, and Tenant.

Vendors are the creators of solution add-ons who use the SDK to create services that complement VMware Cloud Director service, such as container service extension, third-party software vendors, Kubernetes service, and others.

Providers are the operators of solution add-ons in the VMware Cloud Director on-premises or VMware Cloud Director service environment.

Tenants are the consumers of the business outcomes brought about by a solution add-on, such as self-service of Kubernetes clusters, databases, UI extensions with back-office properties, and more.

Setting up the Development Environment

To prepare an environment to use the VMware Cloud Director extension SDK, perform the following, which are documented in the VMware Developer guide at Setting up the Development Environment. The following instructions were performed on Ubuntu desktop 20.04.

The next steps are to build your add-on and exploring the lifecycle process, see Building a Simple Solution Add-On.

See the following VCPP Feature Friday video on the VMware Cloud Director Extension SDK.