CodeSandbox adds Rust support

Developers now can build Rust applications in the CodeSandbox cloud development platform.

Newly added Rust support in CodeSandbox allows developers to spin up a Rust development environment within two seconds, the company announced on January 18. A Rust starter template helps developers kickstart their projects.

CodeSandbox is positioned as an environment for anyone to code, collaborate, and produce projects of any size from any device, quickly. Every sandbox has a public URL that can be shared. Sandboxes that get too large can be exported to GitHub, with developers able to commit to GitHub while using CodeSandbox.

CodeSandbox also supports JavaScript and TypeScript development. Client templates are offered for React, Vue, Angular, and other development technologies. In addition to code editing via web browser, CodeSandbox allows developers to open environments via a Visual Studio Code extension and an iOS IDE.

Thanks to WebAssembly, Rust and other languages are beginning to provide alternatives to JavaScript for web development. A major part of the CodeSandbox architecture was written in Rust, because it offers control over capabilities such as error handling, CodeSandbox said. Rust also has been used to rewrite some code in the project because of performance benefits.

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