Broadband Breakfast on April 10, 2024 – Achieving Internet for All, Addressing Discrimination and Rurality

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This special NCTA-Broadband Breakfast hybrid event will shed light on broadband availability data across demographics.

Broadband Breakfast on April 10, 2024 – Achieving Internet for All, Addressing Discrimination and Rurality

Special Time on Wednesday, April 10: 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET

Join us for this special Broadband Breakfast Live Online and In-person Lunch at the headquarters of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association.

At the kickoff of the presentation at 11 a.m., Paul Garnett, Founder and CEO of the Vernonburg Group, will present a paper on “Achieving Internet for All.” The paper considers the role of broadband availability, digital discrimination and the concept of “rurality” in achieving high-speed internet access for all. After his data-rich presentation, Garnett will join a Broadband Breakfast Live Online panel moderated by Drew Clark, CEO of Broadband Breakfast.

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  • Paul Garnett, Founder and CEO, The Vernonburg Group
  • Other panelists have been invited
  • Drew Clark (moderator), Editor and Publisher, Broadband Breakfast

Paul Garnett, CEO, the Vernonburg Group

A tireless digital equity advocate, Paul Garnett is Founder and CEO of Vernonburg Group, a consulting firm based in Savannah, Georgia, USA that works with large and small corporate, international organization, and government clients to close the global broadband gap, with a focus on policy and regulation, access to financing, technical due diligence, program development, and project management. Garnett spent 12 years at Microsoft where he created and led the Airband Initiative, leveraging a partner-driven approach to extend broadband access to unserved communities in the U.S. and in over 20 emerging markets. He also worked at CTIA-The Wireless Association, the Federal Communications Commission, the law firm Swidler Berlin, and the management consulting firm Price Waterhouse.

Breakfast Media LLC CEO Drew Clark has led the Broadband Breakfast community since 2008. An early proponent of better broadband, better lives, he initially founded the Broadband Census crowdsourcing campaign for broadband data. As Editor and Publisher, Clark presides over the leading media company advocating for higher-capacity internet everywhere through topical, timely and intelligent coverage. Clark also served as head of the Partnership for a Connected Illinois, a state broadband initiative.

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