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section#block-views-block-news-events-block-4 h2.block-title, .btns-only .views-col.col-1, .btns-only .views-col.col-2 {width: 100% !important;} .content-refresh h2, .content-refresh h3 { border-bottom: 5px solid #feb70d; display: inline-block;} .btns-only .views-col.col-1, .btns-only .views-col.col-2 {width: 100% !important;} .refresh-social {display: flex;} .refresh-social a {border: none; font-size: 32px;} .refresh-social a i {padding: 0 20px;} .data-driven img {width: 100%;} .dt-yellow {background-color:#feb70d;} Are Your Data Speed up to Speed? Join the conversation in three easy steps. Learn More The Office of Digital Equity & Inclusion is committed to achieving equitable access to digital resources for all residents. Placing “Digital Equity” resources in the communities we serve across all seven districts. Understanding this is an ongoing conversation that will continue to develop as technology evolves. Placing a demand on municipalities across the country to develop citywide strategies focused on integrating the latest technological advancements socialized as common day-to-day digital services and tools. To bridge the digital divide will require a plan that will close the socioeconomic disadvantages directly impacting the digital divide. Our goal in the City of Detroit is to provide residents with digital equity tools, increasing access and long-term digital equality. By placing the resources in community-based organizations ensuring access to affordable high-speed internet, smart devices (laptops/tablets), digital literacy skills-building courses, and IT workforce training (apprenticeship, internship, and job placement) working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders. City of Detroit Digital Equity Current State Digital inequalities have been an issue for decades in the City of Detroit. COVID-19 amplified the inequalities as well as the divide it placed amongst thousands of cities locally and nationally. The City of Detroit was not unlike other municipalities gaining a better understanding for the need to provide our residents with equitable access to affordable digital equity tools and resources. Rebuilding Detroit’s economy post-COVID-19 will require more attention focused on increasing racial equitable access for black and brown residents. The Office of Digital Equity & Inclusion has been tasked with creating the blueprint and leading this initiative. Working collaboratively with “Digital Equity Partners” in the community. From grassroots organizations, faith-based, community centers, and nonprofits to corporations. With a primary goal to deliver digital equity resources directly to the community we serve specifically residents at or below poverty, including but not limited to seniors, veterans, ESL communities, K12 students and parents, returning citizens and 25- to 45-year-olds. Resources Find Affordable High-Speed Internet Find Certified Tech Hub Near You Find Affordable Devices/Loaners Digital Literacy Tools & Resources Upcoming Basic Digital Literacy Training Senior Basic Digital Literacy Courses Signup How do You Connect To The Internet Feedback Survey What is basic digital literacy level? Digital Equity Neighborhood Demographic Data Interactive Map Can You Speak At Our Next Event? DEI YouTube Channel Watch Live What is The Digital Divide? Digital Divide: This is the gap between those who have affordable access, skills, and support to effectively engage online and those who do not. As technology constantly evolves, the digital divide prevents equitable participation and opportunity in all parts of life, disproportionately affecting people of color, Indigenous peoples, households with low incomes, people with disabilities, people in rural areas, and older adults. The Office of Digital Equity & Inclusion has identified the digital gaps we can provide solutions that will address over 80% of the obstacles clearly defined in the “digital divide”. Our office work is guided by the three DEI pilars. DEI Interactive Data State of Digital Equity in Detroit Use the “Digital Equity Neighborhood Demographic Data Interactive Map” to analyze the demographic data in your neighborhood. How To Use The Map: Click the picture below. A window will populate in a new browser window (tab). Select a district and/or neighborhood or click one of the circles. If you click on a circle the map color will align to that specific search. The map will populate the data aligned to the search you have chosen (by district or citywide). Use the ledger to the left (in gray) to select household type or district. Or you can place the cursor over the neighborhood on the map you are seeking demographic data. Use the back key to return to the home page on the map. Quality Affordable Connectivity WiFi connectivity options Access To Devices Loaner and affordable options Basic Digital Literacy Skills Basic Digital Literacy Skills Residents Check-In How Do You Connect? How Do You Connect to the Internet Resident Feedback Survey 23-25 Locate City of Detroit “Certified Tech Hub Near Me!” Use the map to find the closest tech hub near you with the available digital equity resources at that location. How To Use The Map: Click the picture below. A map will populate in a new browser window (tab). Start your search using the following steps: Place your cursor over the green dot to populate the information for that location. Filter by demographic group or by district, using the ledger to the left of the screen (gray) Filter by “Digital Equity Resources”, using the ledger to the left. Click on the icon you are seeking to find resources. The map will populate the locations where those specific resources are available (gray_. When you place your cursor over a “Green Dot” on the map the information for that location will populate. For more information double click the “Green Dot”, any “Digital Equity Resource” available at that location will populate. For more information for that specific location, click on the; Tech Hub Website Google Street View View Tech Hub Photos SIGN-UP TODAY To BE A City of Detroit Certified Tech Hub. Use the City of Detroit “Certified Tech Hub Near Me” seal below to access the application. Sign-Up Today for DEI Resources .big-box-btn {padding: 2em; display: flex;} .btn-top {font-size: 1.3em; font-weight: 700; margin-bottom: 1em; text-align: left;} .big-box-btn {margin-bottom: 1em;} .btn-mdl {margin-bottom: 1em; text-align: left;} .big-box-btn .dt-btn a {border: 1px solid #18252a !important;} .big-box-btn.dt-green .dt-btn a {border: 1px solid #fff !important;} .dt-lt-green {background: #9fd5b3; color: #004445;} .dt-yellow {background: #feb90b;} .dt-green .btn-top {color: #feb90b;} .dt-lt-green .btn-top {color: #004445;} .dt-yellow .btn-top {color: #004445;} .dt-lt-green .btn-mdl {color: #18252a;} Sign-up Basic Digital Literacy Courses Today! Sign up for Basic Digital Literacy (BDLs) in your neighborhood. Courses offered daily at multiple locations citywide. Seats are limited! Together we can bridge the digital divide in the City of Detroit. Enroll Today! Can You Speak At Our Next Event? We welcome the opportunity to speak at your upcoming event for digital equity, DEI, K12, women organizations, leadership, STEM, Tech, Data or motivational. Speaker Request Apply Now! Updates DOCUMENTS