AWS and Orange to bring the cloud to Morocco and Senegal

Cloud computing services company AWS is expanding its operations to Morocco and Senegal.

The launch event for the AWS Wavelength platform will be conducted in collaboration with telecommunications giant Orange.

Now that AWS is undertaking this, it indicates a major shift. Instead of constructing traditional physical data centres, the company will offer cloud computing services from its existing base.

The company stated that its move into the African market is driven by an increasing need for computing power in sectors such as banking, telecommunications, and healthcare. According to Statista, the cloud market in Africa is expected to grow at a stable rate of 15% annually, reaching $18 billion by 2028. This growth is surpassed by the need for secure and localised data hosting solutions, which is driven by the burgeoning craze for data consumption across the continent.

Meeting local needs with AWS wavelength

AWS Wavelength is specifically designed to meet data residency and regulatory requirements. It allows customers in regulated industries to deploy and run applications on-premises while utilising the same trusted services provided by the AWS global network and its security infrastructure.

With a cloud model that supports on-demand scaling and pay-as-you-go pricing, customers can ensure their data remains localised within the countries they serve.

AWS needed a partner with a strong global presence, diverse connectivity options, and a broad vision for cloud technology growth, finding all these qualities in Orange. With operations across 26 countries and a robust customer network of over 298 million, including substantial coverage in 18 African and Middle Eastern nations, Orange is an excellent partner for AWS’s ambitious regional expansion.

“Customers of all sizes and across all industries in Morocco and Senegal will be able to access local AWS compute and storage resources to meet their data residency, low latency, and application security requirements,” said Jan Hofmeyr, AWS VP.

Boosting the gaming industry in Africa

This partnership impacts enterprise solutions and offers promising prospects for the gaming sector in Africa. Swarmio, a specialist in telco-grade gaming technology, is excited about AWS Wavelength’s revolutionary potential to transform the gaming landscape.

Vijai Karthigesu, CEO and founder of Swarmio, said: “AWS Wavelength will help us transform the worldwide gaming landscape by combining the power of AWS with our Swarmio Edge platform to provide an unmatched, low-latency experience that allows creators to connect and delights global game publishers and developers.”

As the deployment of 5G networks and demand for low-latency solutions propel the growth of cloud computing in Africa, AWS Wavelength is setting itself up as an innovation catalyst for various sectors. Despite its so far modest presence on the continent, AWS’s leadership in the global $270bn cloud infrastructure market equips it well to capitalise on these emerging opportunities.

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