AT&T Releases Documentary Depicting Digital Divide


The documentary highlights AT&T’s fiber investments in Texas.

Teralyn Whipple AT&T Releases Documentary Depicting Digital Divide Photo of Amarillo, Texas on December 2022

June 14, 2024 – AT&T released Friday a documentary illustrating the challenges encountered by the people who are disadvantaged by the digital divide, referring to the gulf between those who have access to high-speed internet, and those who do not due to affordability or accessibility challenges.

Amarillo, Texas is one of the least connected cities in America, but through a public-partnership with the city, AT&T broke ground in 2022 to connect more than 22,000 locations with fiber optic technology. The locations represent roughly half of the city that does not have broadband access.

“By working together to deploy our best and fastest internet available, the city of Amarillo will be connected for decades to come,” said AT&T. 

“While this film shines a light on one city, it represents what many across the U.S. endure, as tens of millions of Americans lack access to high-speed internet,” AT&T said. “As Amarillo transitions from one of the least connected cities to a model of digital inclusion, its journey serves as an inspiring blueprint for communities nationwide.”

The short documentary focused on the everyday impacts of digital connectivity challenges, following residents of Amarillo who are working to complete college degrees and start small businesses. 

AT&T has committed a total of $5 billion in broadband infrastructure investment since 2021 to bridge the digital divide. The company said that it expects the investment will connect 25 million new homes to high-speed internet by 2030.

In April, AT&T announced a $3 billion commitment to close the digital divide over the next six years, saying that it was motivated by the lapse of the Affordable Connectivity Program earlier this month.

AT&T plans to make the internet more affordable for customers by providing qualifying households with high-speed internet for $30 per month, the company said. It will expand connectivity offers to include AT&T Prepaid, Cricket and other connectivity solutions as they become available.