Architecting VMware Cloud Director Availability Solution in a Multi-Cloud Environment

Building a cloud based on VMware Cloud Director or Cloud Director service requires a considerable amount of deployment decisions for Cloud Providers concerning the infrastructure behind their services. They can operate fully on-premises within their data centers or combine them with any of the hyperscalers in a hybrid way.

These design decisions affect the DRaaS as well as any other service in the scope of their offerings. This means VMware Cloud Director Availability deployment also must be planned appropriately to match the Cloud Provider’s general idea, which leads to many questions about the optimal setup in terms of operability and performance.

To answer them, Shady Ali ElMalatawey (Sr. Staff Multi-Cloud Solutions Architect @ VMware) wrote a technical whitepaper on how to architect the VMware Cloud Director Availability solution in a multi-cloud environment.

In addition to the general information about the VMware Cloud Director Availability appliances, it covers the different deployment models, topologies, and supported use cases in great detail.

VCDA - All topologies

The whitepaper also explains the actual traffic flow in each case with clear and thorough information about which ports are used and why. 

For extra clarity, it comprehensively explains how the replication data is being reported and metered by vCloud Usage Meter and VMware Chargeback.

You can download the whitepaper here.

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