Announcing GA of VMware Aria Operations for Applications for Managed Services Providers

We are excited to announce the General Availability of VMware Aria Operations for Applications (formerly Tanzu Observability), which is now available as of January 9th, 2023 for our Cloud Provider partners as a managed service offering.

As enterprises adopt modern applications and container technology worldwide, cloud service providers must adapt to ensure their services are Developer-Ready for their customers. Organizations moving to adopt containers and multi-cloud point out that observability is critical to the successful deployment of their solutions. According to GigaOm’s Key Criteria for Evaluating Cloud Observability, “Observability is important in the management and monitoring of modern systems, especially because modern applications are built to be quick and agile.” The widespread practice of bolting on monitoring and management after applications are deployed is no longer sufficient. Thus, the notion of observability includes the implementation of modern instrumentation designed to help users better understand the properties and behaviors of an application.

Introducing Aria Operations for Applications

Developed and delivered as a cloud-native observability platform, Aria Operations for Applications is purpose-built to support the needs of modern cloud applications as well as traditional applications, at scale. Aria Operations for Applications is now supported as a managed service through Cloud Partner Navigator (CPN) for our VMware Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Aria Operations for Applications gives cloud providers further opportunities to expand container services for DevOps, SecOps, and SRE teams that have begun their cloud, hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud strategy. With the rapid modernization of applications into microservices architectures, IT and security teams are struggling to capture the necessary telemetry to track and manage the high rates of change in these complex applications as they work with APIs, databases, message queues, and so forth across private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud. Aria Operations for Applications addresses the key issue that over 80% of IT professionals agree on: legacy monitoring tools are inadequate for observing modern cloud applications.

Aria Operations for Applications dashboardAria Operations for Applications

How is VMware Helping Cloud Providers Attract Cloud-native Developer Workloads?

DevOps, SREs, and developer teams at digital and leading SaaS enterprises need a full-stack observability platform to help them more efficiently develop, troubleshoot, and monitor performance of their modern applications, and can leverage Aria Operations for Applications to get insight into their cloud services at high scale.

Aria Operations for Applications delivers full-stack enterprise visibility by ingesting, analyzing, and visualizing metrics, traces, and logs from distributed applications, containers, microservices, any cloud infrastructure even business data. Once this data is in Aria Operations for Applications time-series database, you can apply powerful and flexible analytics in the form of Wavefront Query Language which has over 110 queries. In addition, the platform delivers packaged dashboards and alerts with over 250 integrations.

Aria Operations for Applications has over 250 IntegrationsAria Operations for Applications Integrations

By deploying Aria Operations for Applications, partners can offer their customers the following benefits:

  1. Customer operations and development teams can understand the performance of their cloud services at scale as Aria Operations for Applications can scale over 2 million data points per second
  2. Customers can have visibility into all layers of their Kubernetes environments, including apps, containers, pods, nodes, namespaces, and clusters
  3. Customers can troubleshoot faster and detect the leading indicators of anomalies, as well as proactively create alerts using the AI and behavior-based smart alerting engine
  4. Customers can drive agility in code releases by using Aria Operations for Applications to self-service their application’s behavior, using a wide variety of queries that help them to gain insights and understand the impact of their code changes in production in real-time
  5. Aria Operations for Applications can be deployed within multi-tenant environments at massive scale, with per-customer role-based access control, and cloud partner supervisory controls over an unlimited number of user accounts

How Does Aria Operations for Applications Help Cloud Providers be Developer Ready?

Aria Operations for Applications enables Cloud Providers to expand their developer-ready cloud solutions with a first pane of glass observability solution that can address visibility requirements across cloud applications, Kubernetes, and infrastructure. In addition, Aria Operations for Applications integrates with Tanzu Mission Control so partners can easily access, configure, and enable full cloud visibility of their modern applications at scale across multiple clouds and tenants.

Aria Operations for Applications delivers complete observability across any cloudAria Operations for Applications delivers complete observability across any cloud

Partner benefits include:

  1. Open new revenue streams with data analytics as a service dashboard – provide all your customers with customized dashboards of their business performance in real time
  2. Expand monitoring and application management services – With a simple, data consumption-based pricing model, customers can scale Aria Operations for Applications accordingly to match their requirements
  3. Offer service delivery optimization and customer SLA assurance – Use Aria Operations for Applications to get to the “why” faster with customer-specific, AI-driven alerts, troubleshooting, and dashboard analytics
  4. Deliver a faster troubleshooting experience with advanced search and full correlation across all service layers – application, cloud, and infrastructure – to reduce mean time to diagnosis (MTTD) and mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  5. Multi-tenancy at massive scale – Aria Operations for Applications can easily support hundreds of customers with a secure multi-tenancy model
  6. Fast customer onboarding – Aria Operations for Applications is simple to set up, implement, and service, and is backed by full VMware support
  7. Deliver secure per-customer, role-based access control – Aria Operations for Applications provides capabilities to configure rich role-based controls on dashboards, alerts & other assets
  8. Supervisory controls – Aria Operations for Applications allows providers to manage all customers in aggregate, with the ability to drill down to any tenant to help manage if needed

Learn More About Aria Operations for Applications for Cloud Providers:

We are excited about Aria Operations for Applications expanding our managed service offerings for our Cloud Provider partners, and how they can help address their customer requirements as they continue on their modern application transformation journeys. We will continue posting new technical and product information on our VMware Cloud Provider blogs. Join us by following the blog directly using the RSS feed, on Facebook, LinkedIn and on Twitter, and by visiting our YouTube channel.